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Job Title: Caretaker/Cleaner

Outline of Duties: Undertake individually or as part of a team, the cleaning of the Halls and Office to ensure that they are kept in a clean and hygienic condition as well as providing a range of caretaking duties which include telephone answering, event booking, basic computing and the use of social media

Cleaning Duties
• Clean, wash, sweep and vacuum clean designated areas including toilets and associated facilities using where appropriate all approved cleaning agents
• Empty all litter bins
• Polish and dust designated areas which may include toilets and associated facilities as well as fixtures and fittings using, where appropriate, all approved cleaning agents
• Operate where appropriate the necessary powered equipment
• Act as a key holder for the purpose of entering or leaving the areas in which the above duties are to be carried out
Custodial Duties
• Ensure that the heating system is operating satisfactorily and that any problem and or irreparable damage is reported to the Lead Caretaker
• Check the buildings daily for signs of vandalism and make temporary repairs as necessary and remove graffiti, where possible, from walls, doors and glass surfaces
• Set up and or place equipment and furniture after cleaning work has been carried out
• Replenish hygiene consumables as required
• Remove debris and litter internally and externally and litter from the main entrance gate. Any glass presenting a hazard should be cleared from the car park
• Clear a pathway from the main gate to the entrance of the Halls following a snow fall and treat all pathways by applying the appropriate treatments
• On leaving the Premises after cleaning procedures have been completed, lock or close internal doors and windows, ensure the fire alarm is fully functional and secure the Premises
• As Key Holder, respond to call out as necessary, taking appropriate action ensuring all reasonable requests are complied with
• Open and close the Premises for a Let situation and be present during the Let if required