Our Rooms


Main Hall

Please see below for measurements and facilities in the halls and rooms we have available and recommendations for their use.


Length:    19.5m               (64ft)

Width:     14.5m               (47.7ft)

Height:     9.2m                 (30.2ft)

Area:        284sq.m           (3057sq.ft)

Volume:   2612cu.m         (92,237cu.ft)




Width:       8.1m             (26.6ft)

Height:     4.9m              (16.3ft)

Area:        40.3sq.m       (434sq.ft)


     Length:     9.8m              (30.1ft)

Width:       11.5m             (37.7ft)

Area:         105.0sq.m      (1134sq.ft)

Seating Capacity Theatre Style – 360

Seating Capacity Cabaret Style – 160

Balcony Seating Capacity – 220

Kitchen suitable for reheating food but not cooking

Serving Hatch for Food and Drinks

Recommended for: Concerts, Plays, Pantomimes, Musicals, Gigs,

Dances, Ceilidhs, Dance Competitions, Martial Arts, Boxing and Wrestling Competitions, Exercise Classes, Weddings, Beer Festivals and Parties

Several Dressing Rooms are available

Length:  4.1m           (13.4ft)

Width:    3.8m           (12.4ft)

Height:    3.0m           (9.9ft)

Area:       15.5sq.m    (167sq.ft) 


Lesser Hall


Length:        11.5m           (37.6ft)

Width:          7.1m             (23.5ft)

Height:         4.5m              (14.9ft)

Area:            81.9sq.m       (881sq.ft)

Volume        371cu.m        (13,082cu.ft)


Recommended for: Dance Classes, Exercise Classes

There is no Disabled Access to this Hall

Committee Room


Length:    4.9m            (16.2)

Width:     4.3m             (13.9ft)

Height:     4.5m            (14.9ft)

Area:         61.9sq.m    (226sq.ft)


This room has its own toilet and wash sink

Recommended for: Meetings, Small Classes e.g. Arts and Crafts.

This Room can be used for Changing when let with other facilities


  Length:      14.3m       (47ft)

Width:         4.2m        (13.8ft)

Height:        3.1m         (10.2ft)

Area:            60sq.m     (646sq.ft)


There is a Bar Area including Sink and Refrigerator and a Changing Room with Sink to the rear.

Recommended for: – Meetings, Seated Classes and Small Functions


Rotary Hall



Length:  11.2m        (36.8ft)

Width:   7.0m          (23.1ft)

Height:   4.5m          (14.7ft)

Area:      79.0sq.m    (851sq.ft)

Volume:  353cu.m    (12,479cu.ft)

The Hall has Wood Panelled Walls and Laminate Floor

There is one Unisex Toilet

Recommended for: Dance, Exercise and Martial Arts Classes, Youth Groups and Parties












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  1. Evie Hurry

    Is the Main Hall available for the evening of the 1st September and for how much? Looking at renting for a charity event.


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