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We’ll be posting timetables of our regular activities here.

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  1. Jackie Stewart


    I was exploring the possibility of holding a regular ceilidh in the Dobbie Hall and wondered how far in advance I would have to book, how many can the hall hold (how many tables and how many to each table), what would the finish time be, what is the cost for the hire of the hall?

    Do you have many other ceilidhs in the hall as I would hate to clash with them.

    Many thanks

    1. laura morgan

      Hi Jackie, the website isn’t checked regularly at the minute, you can contact me through the dobbiehall facebook or email at info@dobbiehall.co.uk or 01324 570450 for a faster response. but to answer your question, at the minute i can take a booking up to December 2017 and as long as the date you want is free then we can take your booking for a ceilidh. We had number of ceilidhs throughout the years but now we don’t have as many so you wont be stepping on no-ones toes. The Hall can hold 240 max tables down both sides of hall and a dance floor, the table can sit max 8 (3 on each side with 2 on ends)or just 3 on each side but you could come in and have a look for yourself. If you would like to go ahead with booking, the price will depend on times etc, i will need to know what time you would like to have access from and the time you finish and with or without kitchen(only keep warm facilities)


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